About Kamui-Wings.com

We are a couple folks who wanted to post a blog to recognize the external powers all around us. We find many ancient religions who recognize a higher power in many different things. Not just a singular divine entity but many to represent different realms of the world. As well there are many religions who recognize one divine GOD and believe they are responsible for all realms of this world.

Rather you believe as the Ainu did centuries ago in Japanese that there were many Kamuy or a singular GOD. Most all believe that a higher power is in play all around us. Rather we have life experiences that just can’t be explained any other way or just take joy in the simple pleasures here on earth. Most can agree in divinity and celebrate it as such.

So in this blog we will share stories and glimpses into the trials and pleasures of life and how we see the divine powers of GOD or Kamui influencing these events. We also want to encourage you to share your stories of situations, people, things, places which you feel were influenced by a divine power.

Thanks for checking us out and I hope you enjoy our blog.