Month: September 2016

The innate nature to help others, must be divine!

Thanks for checking back in with our blog. This post will be focused on how even when everything is going against you, literally even Mother Nature. There is usually an example of divine intervention or others helping one another for no other reason than the urge placed deep within oneself. Sometimes it takes looking form a distance to fully appreciate the helping hands all around.

Recently we saw in the news Hurricane Hermine ripping through the south of the country. Tis hurricane maybe didn’t have the wind fore as some previous storms, but it absolutely caused some damage on the local communities.

I know where my Uncle lives in Sarasota Florida it didn’t cause as much damage as expected but still took one life and caused various forms of damage to the homes and boats on the coast. Our condolences go to the family of the desist individual. We will pray that one day you have peace.

Although not nearly as tragic, I was speaking to my uncle the other day who owns a home extremely close to the ocean and took the storm head on. His house had some serious damage to the roof and his garage was leveled by fallen trees. I always loved going down there to visit, yes the beaches and area are fantastic but inside his garage was the ultimate Man Cave. I mean he had everything from arcade games and a soda bar to his old motorcycle racing photos and Indian Motorcycle. Thanks God for Insurance but I think the garage will be out of commission for a while.

So as were talking about the last several weeks and how he was going to replace or restore the Man Cave. We got to talking about the cleanup and how the community was recovering. He was a little down kind of moping around as there is a lot of hurry up and wait with the insurance companies. He explained that the trees were down for nearly three days and he couldn’t find anyone available to help him remove the fallen palms. On the third day he was outside sawing them in pieces by himself, which if yo knew my uncle would have been a comical sight.

Well just as he started the project a truck pulls up from a local tree service in Sarasota. As he put it two Lumber Jack of men hope out and grab their enormous chain saws. They had those tress cuts and the debris out of the driveway and road within an hour or two.

So I asked him is this one of the companies you tried to call before? Or how did they know you needed some help? Well of course in his sarcastic way he said, I think they just saw an old fart about to cut his leg off and stopped to help. Once the finished he says they even refused to take payment, knowing my Uncle that didn’t fly and I’m sure they made off pretty well.

Again, just a quick story about how even when the heavens seem to be opening wide and pouring down on our lives. If we open our thinking and take a closer look we can usually see examples of divine intervention. Sometimes in the form of people helping each other out of the kindness of their hearts, not looking for anything in return besides the feeling of helping someone else in a time of need.

Thanks again for checking us out and we look forward to sharing more her shortly. If you have some great example of how might have experienced a piece of divinity, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page and e-mail us there.