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Accomplishments with a helping hand

When we accomplish a task or reach a goal I believe its important to recognize the powers that helped us reach that outcome. Granted nothing happens without direct action by the oneself. Meaning no divine power will complete your goal for you. However, I do believe a number of our accomplishments have a helping hand behind them. An invisible force that seems to play a factor in the final outcome.

Just stop and think about a time you had a task at hand, one that seemed impossible. Yet, you knew it had to be done. So what did you do you pulled up your sleeves and took action. You likely set a plan or direction to take, rather you knew how to navigate the course or not you got started. That first action lead to another. You likely came across things that you didn’t know how to handle, and figured them out. Step by step you made the action and likely accomplished you task or learned a ton along the way, or both.

I was recently on a plane sitting next to a this gentleman. As we got to talking he revealed that he recently started a business out of necessity, he was laid off his job of 15 years and had nothing saved. He was on the verge of loosing his home and family. He had a skill set but that was it. He revealed his faith and that he prayed deeply on the subject. He decided it was time to venture on his own not relying on another company for his future, his words exactly.

He was skilled in a trade and had been doing it for many years, he had the equipment needed and the missing piece was guidance. Guidance in opening and operating a business. He swears it was divine intervention, because one day he out of the blue a good friend who he hadn’t spoken to in years reached out to see how life was going. This Friend had become a business consultant, primarily working with startups and technology companies. He wasn’t a tech company but the rekindled friendship would soon lead down the road of helping him establish his business entity and the proper licensing and insurance. The missing piece in his new found vision was now complete.

Jim would soon be off and running operating his very own lawn service. He explained how he had his marketing plan and top prospects lined out. He would primarily approach the clients he used to serve for years working for someone else. Then a ton of gorilla style tactics from door flyers, craigslist to yard signs.

As he puts it the thing just took off! He had great relationships with former clients who trusted his work and they were glad to hire him. Not only that, knowing his new vision and his new venture they were happy to refer him over to their friends. His business blew up, after a month he had enough capital to invest in more equipment and three new employees. He now runs two crews and keeps them busy for 6-7 days a week.

He told me his annual income has more than doubled and he has the freedom and security he could only have dreamed about in the last 15 years.

I couldn’t help but believe his story and accomplishment was due in big part to his own drive and action, it couldn’t have happened without those elements. However as he believed the reconnection with an old friend was more than coincidence. Something told him to reach out to Jim and say hi. Then something took that conversation down the road of those two working together to make his dream become a reality.

As this story illustrates if we keep our eyes and minds open we can see some sort of Kamui influence our lives and help us accomplish our tasks at hand. But don’t get me wrong we all must take the appropriate action, there is not likely any divine intervention who will hand you anything on a silver platter. I believe divine powers come into play when we are focused and taking the proper action, then the helping hand comes along, seemingly unexpected and helps us accomplish our goals.